About the Foundation


Born This Way Foundation is committed to supporting the wellness of young people and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world. We achieve this by shining a light on real people, quality research, and authentic partnerships.



Born This Way Foundation was launched in 2012 by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta. The foundation has dedicated the past two years to researching, learning and developing programs to support our original mission; connecting young people in safe ways and empowering them with the skills and opportunities that will inspire them to create a kinder and braver world. Our work over the past two years has been based on the three pillars of safety, skills and opportunity and we are proud of the impact that we’ve had, including: 2,500 global resource submissions to our Bravest Map Ever, more than 300,000 online subscribers, partnerships with over 50 non-profit organizations across the country, cutting edge research on kindness and bravery through the Born Brave Experiences study, directly interacting with over 100,000 young people, and over 325 million media impressions for our Born Brave Bus Tour.




In reflecting on the work that the foundation has accomplished and our vision for the work moving forward, we realize that it is primarily shaped by our commitment to three key areas; shining a light on the real stories of young people that embody kindness and bravery in their communities, building our portfolio of meaningful research related to increasing wellness for young people and lastly, building authentic partnerships with organizations across sectors that share our commitment to empowering young people.

Meet our Advisory Boards

Research Advisory Board

The Research Advisory Board (RAB) is a group of professional researchers that connects the Born This Way Foundation with useful resources and organizations. They help determine the outcome indicators that lead to the success and accountability of Born This way Foundation programs.

Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board serves as a council to inform the Born This Way Foundation on issues facing youth today. The members on the Youth Advisory Board work within their communities and schools and benefit from our leadership development.

Support Our Work

Our work is made possible through the generous support of a wide range of partners and most importantly, the support of young people across the country. Your tax deductible contribution to Born This Way Foundation will go towards empowering young people to build a kinder and braver world.