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Channel Kindness

Read about the everyday acts of kindness, bravery, and resilience that fill our daily lives and shape our communities. Our inspirational content on Channel Kindness' web and social platforms has been seen by well over 6 million people, and the program has been such a success that in Fall 2020, we published our NYT Best Selling CHANNEL KINDNESS book, which incorporates 51 stories of kindness and is our invitation to the young people and the young at heart around the world to share their stories with us. Submit your story today for a chance to be featured!

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Be There Certificate

Take the free Be There Certificate online mental health course, created by in partnership with Born This Way Foundation, to learn how to safely, kindly, and confidently support others' and your own mental health. Based on Be There's 5 Golden Rules, this course provides a simple and actionable framework, teaching people how to recognize when someone might be struggling, understand their role in supporting that person, and learn how to connect them to the help they need and deserve. The Be There Certificate is mental health education for all, so every generation can be equipped to support each other throughout their lives.

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#BeKind365 is an invitation to build kindness into your life every day, wherever you are, whenever you can. The #BeKind365 platform is designed to engage, excite, and inspire kindness 24/7/365 through a variety of digital components and activations.

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teen Mental Health First Aid

We’ve teamed up with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing to bring teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) to the U.S. This in-person training teaches high school students about common mental health challenges and what they can do to support their own mental health and help a friend who is struggling. It’s equipping young people with the knowledge and skills they need to foster their own wellness and to support each other. As of 2022, the program has been implemented in 600 sites, training over 42,000 teens. tMHFA will expand to an additional 500 schools.

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BTWF in Las Vegas

Our co-founder Lady Gaga kicked off her residency in Las Vegas at Park MGM and we’ve joined her in this wonderful city! We’re working to support the wellbeing of young people in the area with more research on what they need to thrive, more resources to support their mental health, and more genuine opportunities for them to lead and strengthen their communities. During our time in Las Vegas, we have: trained an entire school in teenMHFA at Valley High School, hosted well over twenty service projects and donated over 5,000 items to local youth-focused nonprofits, signed up the entire City of Las Vegas to participate in #BeKind21, and launched the Channel Kindness Awards: Las Vegas highlighting and supporting local young people with innovative ideas that promote mental wellness for their community.

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We partnered with our friends at Find Your Anchor to create the #PleaseStayPledge (, a resource and pledge encouraging anyone who visits the site to find resources for support, evidence-based self-care tips, soul-filling acts, and suggestions for anchors to keep you here.

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