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Take the Kindness and Bravery Validation Survey!

Born This Way Foundation has partnered with the Empowerment Initiative Lab at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to develop a reliable and valid measure of two important constructs in bullying prevention and intervention: (1) Kindness and (2) Bravery. When people act kindly, there is no room for bullying since kindness is counter to bullying. When people act brave, they stand up to injustices like bullying and other hurtful behaviors. Extending our work from the Born Brave Experiences (BBE) studies we gathered pilot data that helped inform our current version of our Kindness + Bravery scale.

The Born Brave Experiences Research is a series of studies focused on improving our understanding of the factors that influence youth engagement, mental health, and emotional well-being. Grounded in existing psychological theory and research, the studies are designed to identify the conditions that empower young people to live their best lives and to improve the services and resources available to them online and offline.

Our hope is that by 2020 we will finalize a reliable and valid measure of kindness and bravery that will help people understand and evaluate kindness and bravery as important factors in mental wellness and emotional well-being. Working with partners around the country and with young people, our research is used to promote kindness and bravery in schools, homes, and communities. Your survey responses will help us continue to build a transformative model of youth empowerment and youth engagement.

Take the Kindness and Bravery Validation Study!

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