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#EmotionRevolution Summit Partner Toolkit

ER_photoForSite_v1logo_leftlogo_rightThanks for helping us spread the word about the 2015 Emotion Revolution Summit! We couldn’t make this happen without you and we’re honored that you are helping us bring youth voices together to build a kinder, braver world!
Included in this toolkit you will find:

  • Agenda
  • Emotion Revolution Summit hashtags
  • Social media content to share with your networks
  • Live Tweeting Tips and Tricks
  • Summit Social Check List






Before the Emotion Revolution Summit

  • We can’t wait for the #EmotionRevolution Summit! RT if we will see you there! ATTACH: Social Graphic (included)
  • So excited to be a part of the #EmotionRevolution Summit founded by @YaleEmotion and @BTWFoundation!
  • We’ll be talking about #kinderbraverschools at the #EmotionRevolution Summit! Be sure to follow the hashtag!
  • How can we improve students’ #emotionalhealth? We’re discussing that this year at the #EmotionRevolution Summit!
  • We’re working with @BTWFoundation and @YaleEmotion to build a kinder, braver world at this year’s #EmotionRevolution Summit! ATTACH: Social Graphic (included)
  • The #EmotionRevolution Summit is right around the corner! We’ll be there because #EmotionsMatter! ATTACH: Social Graphic (included)

During the Emotion Revolution Summit

  • Hearing some amazing insights on mental health at the #EmotionRevolution Summit! Can’t wait for more from
  • Did you know ? Great info from @YaleEmotion.
  • – @momgerm at the #EmotionRevolution Summit!
  • We’re learning about #emotionalintelligence from @YaleEmotion—eye-opening research!
  • Do #emotionsmatter in school? Absolutely. Experts explain at the #EmotionRevolution Summit.

Before the Emotion Revolution Summit

  • We are so proud to be a part of the #EmotionRevolution Summit! Let’s make our schools safer and our students happier! ATTACH: Social Graphic (included)
  • At this year’s Emotion Revolution Summit, we’re discussing emotional intelligence. Catch the livestream here: http://emotionrevolution.org/livestream
  • How do students feel at school? We’re working with Born This Way Foundation and Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to find out! #EmotionRevolution ATTACH: Social Graphic (included)

During the Emotion Revolution Summit

  • We’re at the #EmotionRevolution Summit today! Check out this turn out: ATTACH: Image from the event
  • – Loved hearing from ! ATTACH: Image from the event
  • How do students feel at school? That’s the question of the day at the Emotion Revolution Summit. Stay tuned for the answers! ATTACH: Social Graphic (included)

Twitter: http://bit.ly/1GNSBXR

Facebook: http://bit.ly/1jPeTmH

Instagram: http://bit.ly/1khXaF5PANEL%20INFORMATION,PANELISTS%20%26%20HANDLES,SAMPLE%20SOCIAL%20MEDIA%20POSTS|Welcome%20%26%20Introductions,Azure%20Antoinette%2C%20MC%2C%20%20%40AzureAntoinette,So%20exciting%20to%20be%20at%20the%20%23EmotionRevolution%20Summit!%20%0A%0ALooking%20forward%20to%20inspiration%20from%20%40AzureAntoinette!%20%23EmotionRevolution|Research%20Results,Marc%20Brackett%2C%20Director%20of%20Yale%20Center%20for%20Emotional%20Intelligence%2C%20%40marcbrackett%2C%20%40YaleEmotion,Listening%20to%20%40marcbrackett%20discuss%20the%20results%20from%20the%20%23EmotionRevolution%20survey.|The%20Born%20This%20Way%20Movement,Cynthia%20Germanotta%2C%20Co-Founder%20of%20Born%20This%20Way%20Foundation%2C%20%40momgerm,Can%E2%80%99t%20wait%20to%20hear%20about%20the%20latest%20%40BTWFoundation%20news%20from%20%40momgerm!%20%23EmotionRevolution|Emotional%20Health%20Research,Peter%20Salovey%2C%20President%20of%20Yale%20University%2C%20%40yale,How%20can%20we%20improve%20%23emotionalhealth%20in%20schools%3F%20Peter%20Salovey%20from%20%40yale%20explains.%20%23EmotionRevolution|Youth%20Panel,Chris%20Rim%2C%20Panelist%2C%20%40cysrx%0A%0ADaniella%20Cohen%2C%20Panelist%2C%20%40DaniellaCohenCo%0A%0AKamey%20Gomez%2C%20Panelist%20%0A%0ASoledad%20O%E2%80%99Brien%2C%20Moderator%2C%20%40soledadobrien,Youth%20insight%20on%20how%20to%20%23BeKind%20in%20schools!%20%23EmotionRevolution%20%0A%0AGreat%20questions%20from%20%40soledadobrien%20for%20the%20%23EmotionRevolution%20Youth%20Panel!|Life%20is%20Good,Bert%20Jacobs%2C%20Founder%20of%20Life%20is%20Good%2C%20%40Lifeisgood,%40Lifeisgood%20founder%20Bert%20Jacobs%20pumping%20up%20the%20crowd%20at%20the%20%23EmotionRevolution%20Summit!|Breakout%20Sessions,General%20Breakout%20Sessions%2C%20Born%20This%20Way%20Foundation%2C%20%40btwfoundation,Fascinating%20discussion%20in%20our%20breakout%20session%20at%20the%20%23EmotionRevolution%20Summit.%20%0A%0AWe%E2%80%99re%20discussing%20why%20%23emotionsmatter%20with%20%40BTWFoundation%20and%20%40YaleEmotion.|Facebook,Antigone%20Davis%2C%20Head%20of%20Global%20Safety%2C%20%40facebook%20%0A%0AJack%20Golub%0A%0ASergio%20Flores%2C%20%40sergioflor3s,|Lady%20Gaga,Lady%20Gaga%2C%20Co-Founder%20of%20Born%20This%20Way%20Foundation%2C%20%40ladygaga%0A%0ASoledad%20O%E2%80%99Brien%2C%20Moderator%2C%20%40soledadobrien,Counting%20down%20to%20%40ladygaga%E2%80%99s%20presentation%20at%20the%20%23EmotionRevolution%20Summit!%0A%0A.%40ladygaga%20and%20%40soledadobrien%20are%20talking%20about%20the%20necessity%20of%20an%20%23EmotionRevolution%20right%20now!|Charter%20Presentation,%40YaleEmotion%0A%40marcbrackett,|Closing%20Remarks,Cynthia%20Germanotta%2C%20Co-Founder%20of%20Born%20this%20Way%20Foundation%2C%20%40momgerm%20%0A%0AMarc%20Brackett%2C%20Director%20of%20Yale%20Center%20for%20Emotional%20Intelligence%2C%20%40marcbrackett%2C%20%40YaleEmotion,Thanks%20for%20the%20inspiration%20this%20weekend%2C%20%40momgerm!%20%23EmotionRevolution%0A%0AGreat%20%23EmotionRevolution%20Summit%20takeaways%20from%20%40marcbrackett%20and%20%40momgerm!During the Summit

  • Close enough to the speaker to hear.
  • Good view for pictures.
  • Electrical outlets & Internet access.

  • Reporting tweets (stats mentioned – use # and @ mention for speaker).
  • Multimedia — pictures and short videos are great to share.
  • Engagement Tweets (“.@YaleEmotion, what was the most surprising thing from your #emotionalhealth survey? #EmotionRevolution).
  • Real-time questions (“.@DrSueSwearer what do you think about #bullying in schools? #EmotionRevolution”).
  • Find the speakers and get exclusive content from them.

  • Follow the hashtag throughout the event.
  • Retweet, MT or via others throughout the event.
  • Engage in conversation with key influencers and stakeholders

  • Review your tweets and flag any crucial ones.
  • Take note of high performing tweets.
  • For each session, consider writing 3-5 main bullet points

After the Summit

  • Consider making a more personal thanks with thank-you Tweets.
  • Next-day thank you’s with emails gathered at summit.

  • How did this event fit into your unique perspective?
  • What have you written that addresses any of these issues before?
  • Did anyone else do a recap blog post you can cite?

  • Storify.
  • Multimedia (best pics or videos).

  • Engage with speakers from the event.
  • Engage with top event participants and share your content and recap.
  • Keep a running list of the best participants.
  • Consider ways to leverage contacts (guest posts, speaker, etc.)

__ Identify event hashtag
__ Identify other topic-relevant hashtags
__ Identify and have handy the Twitter handles and organization handles
__ Draft preview tweets mentioning the event and speakers (or use the content in this toolkit!)
__ Research past content you’ve written and posted that is relevant to the topic
__ Draft tweets that connect content you’ve written about to the event
__ Draft thank you tweets to the hosts of the event
__ Schedule some social content ahead of time on a platform such as HootSuite or Tweetdeck__ Get to the event early enough to get a good spot (pictures & electrical outlets)
__ Find out if there are any last minute speaker changes and note their social media handles
__ Vary your style of tweets (reporting tweets, engagement tweets, questions)
__ Scope out other organizations tweeting that day and plan to strategically retweet them
__ Write bullet points from each presentation to jog your memory for a recap blog postThe Emotion Revolution Summit is brought to you by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Born This Way Foundation, in partnership with Facebook and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

This event was made possible by the generous support of Microsoft, Mattel, Life Is Good, HopeLab, WWEU.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Flawless Foundation and The Faas Foundation.




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