Channel Kindness Tour

Where We’re Going

Our co-founder Lady Gaga is on the road this year with her Joanne World Tour and Born This Way Foundation is going along. We’ll be in concert venues and communities across the U.S. – and beyond! Through pop up activations, youth led-events, and community gatherings we’ll be creating opportunities to be kind, be brave, and give back.

Not able to join us in person? You can still help us channel kindness! Following our journey below and stay tuned for more information about how you can take part from home with the #KindFor30 Challenge. And don’t forget to follow along with #ChannelKindness!

What We’re Doing

We’re so excited to be going on tour with our co-founder this year! We’ll be hosting in-person Kindness Pop-ups at tour stops around the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
Coming to one of the shows below? Then make sure you stop by the Kindness Pop-Up inside the venue to help us spread kindness, learn more about the Foundation’s work, and hear from an amazing local nonprofit.


  • August 1: Vancouver, BC with Youth Mental Health Association
  • August 5: Tacoma, WA with Tree House For Kids
  • August 8 + 9: Inglewood, CA with LGBT Center
  • August 13: San Francisco, CA with United Way
  • August 15: Sacramento, CA with Aging Up
  • August 19: Omaha, NE with Youth Emergency Services
  • August 21: Saint Paul, MN with Minnesota Alliance with Youth
  • August 23: Cleveland, OH
  • August 25: Chicago, IL
  • August 28 + 29: Flushing, NY with American Lupus Research


  • September 1 +2: Boston, MA
  • September 10 + 11: Philadelphia, PA
  • September 21 + 22: Barcelona, Spain
  • September 26: Milan, Italy


  • October 6 + 7: Paris, France
  • October 9 + 10: London, United Kingdom
  • October 17: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • October 26: Berlin, Germany


  • November 7: Detroit, MI
  • November 13: Louisville, KY
  • November 15: Kansas City, MO
  • November 19: Washington, D.C.
  • November 28: Atlanta, GA
  • November 30: Miami, FL


  • December 3: Houston, TX
  • December 5: Austin, TX
  • December 8: Dallas, TX
  • December 9: Oklahoma City, OK
  • December 12: Denver, CO
  • December 16: Las Vegas, NV

Earlier this year, we launched Channel Kindness. Powered by the passion and purpose of young people, it’s shining a light on the amazing acts of kindness – big and small – that shape our lives and communities each day. We’ve been so inspired by the response, Born This Way Foundation is taking Channel Kindness with us when we hit the road this summer.

We’ll be picking a Channel Kindness Award winner in eight of our tour cities this summer and fall and we can’t wait to hear about the incredible work that is happening across the country.

We’re looking for young people ages 13 to 24 who are improving their schools and supporting their communities through acts of kindness. The eight winners will each receive $500 and support from Born This Way Foundation and Peace First as they continue to drive positive change.

Learn more and apply here! 

  • August 5: Tacoma

Join us for a day of kindness to animals and to celebrate Kirah Horne’s selection as our Tacoma Channel Kindness Award winner! Kirah, 17 years-old, is passionate about making the world a kinder, more thoughtful place. For Kirah, pets help bring out those essential traits, which is why she volunteers with her neighborhood humane society, passing on the gift of kindness and care for animals in need of a home. Partnering with the Auburn Valley Humane Society, Kirah is hosting a morning of decorating collars, blankets, and other necessary supplies that will bring comfort to the animals as they wait to be placed with their forever families.

Auburn Valley Humane Society, 4910 A Street SE
Auburn, WA
Aug 5, 11am – 1pm PST

  • August 25: Chicago
  • September 1: Boston
  • November 5: Indianapolis
  • November 16: St. Louis
  • November 28: Atlanta
  • December 8: Dallas
  • December 14: Salt Lake City

If you can’t join us at any of our tour stops, we still want you to be a part of our work. Join us, no matter where you are, by taking the #KindFor30 Challenge.

Want to make your brain and body healthier? Want to make your community stronger? Kindness has been proven to boost happiness and increase feelings of self- worth and calmness while decreasing feelings of depression. Try the #KindFor30 Challenge and see how kind you can be – to yourself and those around you – in 30 days!

Stay tuned for more details on our daily kindness challenges.

We’re excited to partner with the National Council for Behavioral Health to train 150,000 young people in Mental Health First Aid, also known as CPR for the mind. This groundbreaking program teaches people of all ages and all walks of life to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health and substance use challenges and crises. Mental Health First Aid has trained more than 1 million Americans to recognize and respond to signs of a mental health challenge.

With a little kindness and understanding, we can support our friends, family and loved ones to engage in open conversations and destigmatize mental health.

Mental Health First Aid will hold trainings along all U.S. stops of Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour. And in four cities – Sacramento, Omaha, Detroit and Denver – the trainings will be free-of-charge to participants!

Can’t join us in one of the tour cities? Find a class near you!

Together with Staples, we’ve created a digital kindness tree to #GrowKindness! This tree is dedicated to promoting kindness in schools and celebrate everyday acts of kindness. This online digital kindness tree is part of our partnership with Staples and their Staples for Students program to support education nationwide and promote positive classroom experiences.

You can help grow the tree by adding your kindness story or by tweeting with hashtag #GrowKindness. Tell us about an act of kindness that you recently performed, witnessed in school, or pledge to do. Each time an act of kindness is reported, a “leaf” will be added to the tree, which will continue to grow throughout the summer with each kind act reported.

How To Join Us

We’ll be crisscrossing two different continents this year. Make sure you don’t miss out! Be the first to know about events and how you can get involved by signing up for our emails. And you can follow along with #ChannelKindness.