Take the Born Brave Experiences Survey!

Whether we’re at a concert stop in your community, speaking to young people in their schools about Hack Harassment or on the floor of Macy’s for the #LoveBravery launch, Born This Way Foundation values your voice and we want to hear from you.  We’re excited to launch Phase III of the Born Brave Experiences Study and we are inviting you to participate.

The Born Brave Experiences Research is a series of studies focused on improving our understanding of the factors that influence youth engagement, mental health, and emotional wellbeing. Grounded in existing psychological research, the studies are designed to identify the conditions that empower young people to live their best lives and to improve the services and resources available to them online and offline. Working with partners around the country and with youth themselves, the research is used to promote kindness and bravery in schools, homes, and communities. Your survey responses will help us continue to build a transformative model of youth empowerment.

Phase III of the Born Brave Experiences Research will study:

  • Revolutionary ways to increase access to and improve youth mental, physical, and emotional health;
  • How to assess and increase personal kindness and bravery;
  • Strategies to increase social emotional learning in classrooms and community agencies that focus on youth wellness;
  • Mechanisms for better access to mental and emotional health resources for young people, by linking community mental health agencies (i.e., National Council for Behavioral Health); schools (i.e., National Association of School Psychologists); and university counseling centers (i.e., that will provide training opportunities across the United States).

Your voice is crucial to making this research a success and we hope you’ll chose to participate.

Be sure to share the survey with all your friends – we want to hear from you!

¡Estamos entusiasmados por el lanzamiento de la Encuesta “Born Brave Experiences” versión 3.0 en español! El proyecto de investigación “Born Brave” guía la programación de la Fundación “Born This Way” y nos ayuda a comprender mejor sus vidas y experiencias. Utilizamos los resultados de nuestra investigación para apoyar nuestro trabajo construyendo un mundo más amable y más valiente. ¡Le agradecemos su participación!