Be Kind to Your Community – Vote!

Looking for more ways to be kind? Vote!

We know, nothing about elections seem very kind these days, but hear us out.

At Born This Way Foundation, we believe a kinder and braver world is possible only when we realize the power that our voices have. We need to be more compassionate – all of us – and we need to put that compassion into action. To make our voices heard and to speak up – for ourselves and for each other – because we’re in this together.

Voting is one of the ways that we can do that.

So get educated about the issues that matter to your community, get registered, and then get to the polls!

(Already registered? Invite a friend to join you! Voting, like brunch and road trips, is better when you do it together.)

Use our voter registration tool to find out if you’re eligible to register and get helpful information about upcoming elections!