Hack Harassment

As part of our goal to build a kinder, braver world, we’re committed to creating online experiences that are safer and more inclusive. Right now, 70% of young people experience harassment online. That’s not acceptable.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Intel, Vox Media, and Recode to launch Hack Harassment, a collaborative effort dedicated to reducing the prevalence and severity of online harassment.


Online harassment has become a pervasive and often vicious problem with real-life repercussions. It has significant negative consequences for the wellbeing and safety of individuals and for the success of digital communities. Everyone – regardless of their identity, background, or beliefs – is entitled to an online world where they are treated with respect and are free from harassment.

In order to build a safer, smarter, and more inclusive experience online, I will recognize when harassment is occurring, responsibly speak up against it, and support those experiencing it by

Abiding by and upholding the same standards and values online that are expected offline and accepting that my online behavior has real-life consequence

Valuing and supporting diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and opinion

Actively participating in the movement to decrease the prevalence and intensity of online harassment


Are you a current college student who wants to get more involved with the Hack Harassment Team? Apply to be a Hack Harassment Campus Ambassador!

According to the PEW Research Center, 70% of college age students (18-24-year-olds) have experienced online harassment. As part of Hack Harassment’s mission to raise awareness of online harassment, foster collaboration, and cultivate real solutions, the Campus Ambassador program will provide young people with the opportunity to join the team. And because we understand that creating change takes resources, we’re providing participating students with the opportunity to apply for a Campus Grant. Students interested in signing up can do so here.

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